Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, our warehouse is equipped to
safely hold your household goods, office furniture, business machines, documents and
more. Contact us to find out more about our storage facilities.

Our worldwide network of UniGroup agents can arrange moving and storage almost
anywhere in the world.

Business Storage
Your company's records, from financial data to inventory reports, are vital elements for
your success. They provide the background necessary to make future decisions.
onejo Valley Moving is fully equipped to handle record storage for businesses
located in Southern California.

Store your belongings Until Your Home Is Ready!
Weather you are moving across town or across the country there are times when there
is a 2 week delay or 2 month delay until you can move into your new home.  Conejo
Moving and Storage Inc. will be able to safely store your belongings in our clean and
secure Warehouse vaults or
at one of many other United agents worldwide.  

Remove Clutter
During the time your home is on the market, your home will show better with a clean
garage and
the removal of large furniture from small rooms. Store your belongings in
a safe and secure location until you home is sold
or just remove clutter to make your
feel like you have more space.

Benefits of Vault Storage
  • Cost savings
  • Short or long-term options
  • Reduce handling of your furniture
  • Secure storage (vaulted)

The more times furniture is handled the higher the risk of damage.  Storage in vaults
reduces the number of times your belongings hare handled.  Furniture is protected
from dust and scratches by wrapping and padding it before it gets on the truck and not
unwrapping it until it reaches your home.  

Moving Process:
  1. Truck arrives at your house
  2. Itemized inventory is taken of each item loaded onto the truck
  3. Notations are made about each items condition.
  4. Number labels are placed on each item
  5. Specialized handlers carefully load truck to UniGroups guidelines.
  6. Paper work signed and directions for delivery.
  7. Truck travels to new destination or warehouse
  8. Items unloaded into empty vaults and placed in secure warehouse
  9. Or
  10. Truck arrives at location
  11. Payment is made
  12. Items are unloaded from truck to your home.
  13. Furniture is unwrapped and reexamined for damage
  14. Owner Checks off inventory
  15. Paper work is complete
  16. Another satisfied customer!
Short or Long Term
Moving & Storage, Inc.
Conejo Valley